Corinth Presbyterian Church:  sharing the joy since 1846

About Us


About Us

Join us in sharing with one another, with the Church, and with the world, the joy we find in the love of God through Christ.


  • We are welcoming to visitors who are curious and those who are seeking a church home.
  • We are historic in our appearance but contemporary in our attitudes.
  • We are more concerned with building relationships than with what we wear.
  • We are long-time residents of the area who have never belonged to another church.
  • We are newcomers to the community who have never before been members of a church.
  • We are grandparents and great-grandparents who have been in the church 80 years and more.
  • We are infants who were in this church before we were two weeks old.
  • We are children secure in the warmth of a loving congregation.
  • We are teenagers coming into adulthood within the nurture of the church.
  • We are not afraid of a questioning faith because we know that God alone is Lord of the conscience.
  • We are confident that we are all included in God’s love.
  • We are the community of God made visible.
  • We are the oldest continuing congregation of any denomination in Collin County, Texas, founded August 2, 1846.



Judy Dillard

Council Class of 2016:
Judy Dillard
Bob Kellow

Council Class of 2017:
Bob Bakie
Monika Bartley

Council Class of 2018:
Jan Cramer
Ed Standridge